Sunday, April 17, 2011

And Its BNR Time Again for the LATE NIGHT QUEENS

Well it was another night of BNR fun tonight!  I am the team Leader of The Late Night Queens of BNR and we have BNRs every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sarurday Night.  Lots of sales happen and socializing as well or rather Girl Time. :)  Tonight we ended up with 16 Sales ~ Not too bad.

The night before we started really late since I went out so only ended up with 10 Sales.

Right Now I am featured in a Buy ans Stay that is #1 on the Treasury List at Etsy right now!!

Tomorrow Monday is my day off so we will be going to the Blue Hanger Goodwill to find more goodies for my Etsy shop and Ebay clothing store.  Should be fun :)  Just hope the finds are good tomorrow.  Hubby wanted to go today and there was not much there today at all.  But then we went pretty late in the day too.

Here is a link to my Ebay listings

I am glad to say we finally got a mannequin but like me she could stand to lose a few pounds. ☺
With some of the smaller clothing we are just unable to model on her, so most likely will still have to buy a smaller mannequin.


  1. I pray your trip to the thrift store is profitable and fun!

  2. Thanks, we found lots of great stuff! Someone had apparently thrown out all there fabric. Let me know if you are looking for anything